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Autographed prints

Autographed prints

Biography of the artist N.Weithaler

Artist, mother tongue German.

Born in Rabland/South Tyrol and living there.
As one of four children he enjoyed a well-cared and carefree
Childhood with his parents and siblings.

His favorite paper and pencil was early.
Always supported and encouraged by his creative mother.
At school, his drawing and painting became
Skills recognized by prizes in competitions.
In his spare time, he always dealt with painting, creative design,
Photography and art in general.
This is how the idea was born in 1989 together with his uncle Johann Gorfer
to found an association of amateur painters.
During this time works were created under the pseudonym "Snorre".
In the following years the Kunstverein organized
numerous group exhibitions.
Due to the initiative of the Kunstverein, they renovated one
dilapidated school building for association purposes.
He was part of a special show in 1992 at the Bolzano Fair
his designer metal bed the honorary diploma for creative
In the exhibition "Sinn-Bilder-Pur" (1993), Mayor Robert Tappeiner
opened the vernissage, the artist presented a
Series of new pictures.
In the art school of Ortisei a student wrote in 1994 a
Specialized work on the artist "Snorre".
Another joint exhibition in 1994 in Schenna
Meran on the subject of "long" (spring).
Also in photography are works of the artist
published: "Snapshots - Art in Photography"
(Exhibition 1994).
Joint exhibition 1995 with members of the association
"Art Gallery Rabland".
Exhibition art from the artist Weithaler in the Café Andrea Algund (Italy) in 1996.
Exhibition Modern Art in the Culture House Café at the Theater Lana (Italy) in 1997.
Another exhibition together with Johann Gorfer in the art gallery Rabland 1997.
Poster artwork for the Dekanatskongress Naturns 1998.
Designing, printing and selling a calendar "I am yours
Clown 1998 "In favor of charity" From man to man
Mensch "from Radio Tirol.
Scenery for the theater of the Volksbühne Parcines 1999.
Provided graphic for the title image of a calendar
to a state party in 1999.
In 2000, he took over the parental craft business; art moved into the background.
From 2007 he will make more art again.
He always wants to make art with new ideas and techniques.

"Brushstrokes & Ideas
Love for the creative
it needs for the creator as well as for the viewer
it can be art or not
Important is the pleasure of it
Fascination, or what do you call the feeling
if you like something or catch your eye
without knowing exactly what that is "
Rabland, on May 16, 1998 N.Weithaler (Snorre)

Ehrendiplom Norbert Weithaler - Messe Bozen - Arredo

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